Ring Ceremony Venue

We are among the best place for ring ceremony to host your friends and family. Our restaurant has a very ethnic feel to it and the guests who've stayed here previously can vouch for the fact that the restaurant has an old-world charm to it. We are equipped with all modern amenities and the staff is well-trained and polite. The restaurant has a couple of well-designed place of different sizes, one suitable for small gatherings whereas the other one is perfect for mid-sized celebrations. Our mid-sized restaurant can accommodate over a hundred guests.
Book us for an amazing celebration of the wonderful moments of your life.


Trees and Treats Restaurant is the best place for a ring ceremony in Greater Noida. We have served our guests with their name menu, kids’ menu and finger food in a unique style. Our services include wedding day food packages, dinner buffet and customized menu options, which are offered at reasonable prices.

The importance of ring ceremony is to preserve relationships. It shows that you care about the person. When you go through this ritual, it shows them that you are serious about family and that they are important in your life.

If you are looking for a location for a ring ceremony, the Trees and Treats restaurant is a great choice! Simply contact us via email or phone to set up your appointment today.