Kitty Party Venue

Searching for best place for lunch in Greater Noida for affordable kitty party? Are you planning to organize party for couples for your partner at a Greater Noida? Want to take your partner for an outing in Greater Noida, but not too far from the city? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then we are a place you can’t afford to miss! We are one of the best restaurant for couples in Greater Noida, facilitate a natural yet favourable environment for family building events, fun activities etc. If you’re looking forward to having fun and spend some quality and purposeful time with your friend, we are all set to welcome you!
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Trees and Treats is the best place for a kitty party in Greater Noida. The restaurant offers food that cats absolutely love! With great deal, we are able to cater to all your needs when it comes to serving your feline friends.

It's really simple - look for a venue that works with your budget, check out the menu and see what kind of food you can expect to find there and that cat-fancy thing . . . then let us help you select your perfect location!

Kitty Parties are a big hit among many housewives, who organize to enjoy a fun day.

A kitty party is a fun way to celebrate special moments in your life! It can be a really unique, memorable event for both you and your guests. Planning for a kitty party can be overwhelming, so here are some tips on how to pull it off successfully!