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About Us

Trees and Treats, as the name suggests, is a blend of nature and great food. We are the proud of Greater Noida’s food lovers. With a cover of 80 heads, we serve the tastiest multi cuisine in the town.
The property itself mesmerizes you once you decide to pay it a visit. The hilly resort like design and levish greenery takes your heart away in the very first glimpse. The ambiance is enhanced with light background music, while you enjoy our hospitality.
And ohh! We also have an adjoining lawn with a capacity of 200. The lawn area can be lent out standalone, or along with merged restaurant area. This flexibility makes Trees and Treats a perfect venue for all kind of getherings. Trees and Treats is committed to bring to you the finesse of great dining experience where freshly prepared hot food meets cool natural flora. Come and experience the magical ambience for yourself.